Over the coming months this space will be devoted to having a look back at some of the old Global faces that have helped to make the club what it is today. We will take a walk down memory lane and give recognition to the heroes of yesteryear, whether they were setting light to the goalscoring charts, or lighting up cigars whilst warming the bench, they will be remembered here....

Mike 'Greeny' Green

Appearances: 20

Goals: 27

Position: Centre Forward

Retired: 2004

Highlight of Career: Scoring 5 goals against the Oak Tree

To kick off this feature there could be no more appropriate choice than the 'All-time Top Goalscorer' Mike Green. When Mike first joined the club (when it was still called Spicer Street), he arrived with big expectations placed upon his shoulders, owing to his reputation as a 'Goal Machine' (and a Northern Monkey). It did not take long for the fans to realise that he was every bit as good as he promised to be, and the goals were soon flying in. Mike soon sped to the top of the goalscorers charts, and commanded respect from many a defender in the Churches Football League, and then in the Mid Herts League. His quick feet and a lethal eye for goal never failed to turn heads (or stomachs of opposing goalkeepers). Injury has prevented him from playing more games for the club, and he finally left in 2004 when he took up a teaching job in London. Every now and again there are rumours that he may return to play one last time for the club, but so far we are still waiting...


Scott 'Plenty of bunny' Gilbert

Appearances: 46

Goals: 0

Position: Goalkeeper

Left club: 2006

Highlight of Career: Any of the numerous occasions he dyed his hair

Fans and players alike were disappointed to hear the news that Scott Gilbert had retired from football due to a long standing knee injury in November 2006. A member of the Global 'old school' alongside Dylan and Wardy, Scotty saved his side from defeat countless times with some truly top draw goalkeeping during his tenure between the sticks. Renowned for his flamboyant wardrobe (particularly a tasteful silver 'keepers kit...hmmm), hairstyles and often erratic driving, teammates often enjoyed Scotty's encouragement to improve communication on the field through his catchphrase 'plenty of bunny today lads' - admittedly no one really understood what he meant but it always raised a few laughs nonetheless. Imitating his hero Fabien Barthez, Scotty also got out on pitch for a few matches towards the end of the 2004/05 campaign, however he failed to join the ranks of goalkeepers who can cope playing out on pitch, and after suffering a near breakdown in an opponents penalty area was soon back between the sticks. Scotty can now be found signing autographs at crazy golf courses across his hometown of Luton.

Dan 'The Reducer' Pallett

Appearances: 3

Goals: 0

Role: Ex-Manager

Position: Centre-back

Left club: 2004

Highlight of Career: Guiding the team to a League and Cup Double in his first season in charge

Dan is one of the ‘Old School’ Globallers who was with the club at it’s formation as a Church League team. A tough tackling defender, who put in more than his fair share of reducers, and received a fitting number of cautions and red cards for his efforts. His loyalty to the club could not be surpassed, and his fighting spirit was instrumental in the success of the team. Injury plagued the last few years of his playing career, and he eventually took over as manager of the club in 2002, enjoying two extremely successful years in charge. He  guided the team to League and Cup success in the St.Albans and District Churches League, and took the team to a very respectable 4th place in Division 1 of the Mid Herts League in their debut season. Dan’s success was largely down to his ability to motivate the team for big games and being able to attract the best players to the club. Since retiring from Football in 2004, Dan has taken up Golf – and most would agree that for a man of his level of fitness, it is a far more sensible past-time.

Martin 'Sparkey' Sparkes

Appearances: 27

Goals: 1

Position: Left midfield

Left club: 2004

Highlight of Career: He once played a match without a hangover

Sparkey's claim to fame in Global folklore is as much based on his off-field antics as his on-field. The self-styled 'It-Boy' of the club could claim the remarkable feat of actually knowing everyone in the world, ever!! Many a team night out would pass with Sparkey securing free entry to night clubs (especially his favourite - The Adelaide), with just an acknowledging nod of the head to the bouncer, and then straight to the front of the queue at the bar, because he knew the barmaid. Enroute, you could guarantee that at least 75 people would turn to say hello. Doubts were once raised as to whether his socialite lifestyle was affecting his performances, but this minor detail was quickly swept under the carpet when he produced 20 free V.I.P. tickets to Batchwood. However, when he pulled on the famous white shirt of the Global Football Club, he never failed to give 100%, even if that sometimes meant blowing out of his arse. Since leaving the club he has moved to Australia in search of more nightclubs, and no doubt he probably gets free entry and drinks in all of them too.


Dylan 'D-Day' Jane

Appearances: 57

Goals: 1

Position: Left Back

Left club: 2008

Highlight of Career: His wonder goal against Inn on the Green

The man who spawned a thousand catchphrases, Dylan was the latest member of the Global old school to call it a day. Right wingers up and down the Mid Herts League collectively breathed a sigh of relief on hearing the news; no longer would their ankles be facing 90 minutes of hardcore challenges, and similarly their ears could enjoy a break from the flak dished out there way by big Dyl. His commitment to the cause never in doubt, Dylan was as important off the pitch as he was on it - organising 2 legendary tours to Bournemouth, along with playing tour guide on the 2005 Christmas tour of duty for the select few (the 8 that used to turn up and get cained in the famous white shirt most Saturday afternoons). Furthermore, Dylan was responsible for no less than 33 new entries into the Oxford Dictionary, including 'D-Day, 1er and Barnesy'. He can now be seen at Eastbourne's Royal Legion club, reciting tales of how he ran from the halfway line, beat 8 defenders, and stuck the best goal of his career in the net one sunny afternoon last September...


Andrew 'Peck' Walker

Appearances: 129

Goals: 1

Position: Right Back

Left club: 2012

Highlight of Career: Finally breaking his duck against King Sports Reserves

As consistent at being sick on his shoes on the first night of the club end of season weekend, and putting the ball in his own net regularly, Peck was a virtually ever present mainstay of Global's imperious backline for the best part of eight years. His performances were regularly recognised with man of the match awards and trophies as he continued to perform to a high level during his tenure at the club. Peck's finest hour (apart from throwing his guts up), the goal (at the right end) he long craved, eventually arrived one afternoon against Kings Sports Reserves., where after guiding the ball home after several deflections he was soon submerged under a pile of bodies in celebration. Peck finally opted to leave the club at the end of the disastrous 2012 campaign, knowing that his own goals tally was unlikely to be ever bettered, and the club were losing a true legend.



Coming soon...Rob Day and Dave Carrasco