Sky Sports 25, 27 March 2017 10:02

Global’s manager, Ben Gaines, was given a two-game touchline ban by the Football Association for his foul-mouthed rant towards the referee during a game against Tring Athletic ‘B’.

The FA published the written reasons for Gaines’s suspension and £2 fine on Monday, including the ref’s report on the incident.

Former Inn on the Green and Oaks star Gaines, 37 (I think), launched the tirade in the tunnel at half-time of February’s 6-0 league loss, after the ref had awarded Tring a number of soft decisions. 

Gaines: "Fucking muggy you cunt"

The ref wrote: “After the half-time whistle, and as I was walking down the tunnel, Ben Gaines of Global approached me and said ’You’re the only fucker in the ground that’s fucking seen it you fucking mug’. He then started pointing aggressively in my face.

“I told him to calm down and stop pointing at me or he would be sitting in the stands for the second half. He then continued ’I wasn’t even in the dugout you fucking mug, and you would be doing me a favour’.

“I told him I wanted to speak to him at my dressing room but he ignored me and walked off towards the Global pile of bodies at the side of the pitch. I followed him and stood behind him checking out his arse and told the coaching staff I wanted Mr Gaines to come outside as I needed to speak to him.

“After approximately 45 seconds Mr Gaines walked past me, and I informed him that he would be reported for his comments towards me.

 “His reply was ’fuck off you mug’. I then entered my tea break area and informed the stewards of my decision and that if Mr Gaines tried to come down into the technical area he should not be allowed.”