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4th March 2017, Glenn Sports, Away (League)


Global’s trip to Watford to face Glenn Sports can only be classed as ’90 minutes of my life I’ll never get back’, as the two sides served up an abject game of football, on a rubbish surface, surrounded by more pikey c*nts than you find on a caravan site. If you’d offered me the choice of ripping off my own arm and beating myself to death with it or watching the entirety of this steaming turd of a match, I’d have probably chosen the former.


Glenn Sports started the game with their usual level of quality in their official guise of self-appointed ‘world’s worst team’, with the ever cheery Del moaning about every decision and reminding anybody in a white shirt about his halcyon days with Wriggle a few years ago. Because that went so well once they’d got promoted they folded within a few games after a number of spankings.


And after Wardy had blazed an absolute sitter over the bar from about a yard out in the first few minutes of the match, you knew we weren’t in store for a classic. Chances in the first half were at a premium, whilst the game was played at a lower standard than Connor and Hugo’s what’sapp chatter.


Half-time: Glenn Sports 0 – 0 Global FC


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Full-time: Glenn Sports 0 – 0 Global FC


Man-of-the-Match: Carl Fazekas


Team: GK: Dave Green, RB: Rob Smith, LB: Carl Fazekas, CB: Tom Jackson, CB: Jonathan Ward, CM: Simon Lucas (capt), CM: John Sheehan, CM: Danny Hunter, LM: James Hounslow, RM: Dexter Simpson, CF: Chris Palmer, SUBS: Connor Arnold, Hugo Thomas, Rory MacDonald