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01 Aug 2010
Matt D
Dylan or Jimmy when does pre season start mate ?
20 Jul 2009
Thanks for the game yesterday lads, good run out for both teams.We would like to wish you all the best and good luck for the coming season.
18 Feb 2009
Hi lads- back in S.A. for a while - feeling rested after a two year lay off with a knee injury, thought I might come down and watch the game on Saturday, maybe come along to training?
14 Oct 2008
Hi Jim bruised my hamstring on sunday so wont be there tonight but i will be there on saturday. Cheers Matt
17 Aug 2008
Just to say lads,thanks for a good competative game today. We all thought you did really well considering you only had 11 players.Just like to wish you all the best for the coming season and we would like to keep in touch.
23 Jul 2008
Cheers Matt. I'll see you next week!
23 Jul 2008
Jimmy couldnt email you yesterday dont know why. Anyway il be training next week. cheers
03 Jul 2008
I can't believe anyone voted that i'd play a game this year!!! Not even I voted for that!!!
26 May 2008
Chris P
Well, sad to say there was no chicago's I could find - but there is a pumpin flaps (jumpin' jacks)
20 Apr 2008
Chris P
By the way, it there a Chicago's in Bournemouth??? I'm feeling a bit of 'Love Shack Bay-bee' on the Saturday Night
20 Apr 2008
Chris P
I feel like I've been robbed not being shortlisted for goal of the season. What about my curler from outside the box?? Sure we lost the game 3-1, but what a goal!!!!
30 Oct 2007
Sorry Dyl, I couldn't remember who Jimmy subbed off - my memory's going due to the old age!
30 Oct 2007
Oh and Si nice to know that I made such an impression in the last 25 minutes aginst Wanderers that you had me subbed in the match report!
26 Oct 2007
Burak's GAY!!
25 Oct 2007
Martin Jol
if only I had Rob Holmes I wouldn't be without a job now! Oh well, I hear Leicester need a manager.....
25 Oct 2007
Jesus don't wet your pants about it man - it's on now!
24 Oct 2007
Excuse me, but where did my assist get to for Saturdays game on the Squad statistics?
28 Sep 2007
Sunshine Band
we are practicing our guitar playing skills because thats the way, uhu uhu, we like it, uhu uhu
25 Sep 2007
Where are the Sunshine Band KC ?
24 Sep 2007
Hi guys sorry to hear about saturdays result. From the report sounds like it was a good match. I'm always up for going in goal if we get let down at the lastminute in the future, as for training see you tomorrow, looks like the man tights are working, as for chundering at this saturdays social, no chance suckers!!!
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